Rotary Club of Santa Fe Del Sur

Current Projects

Here are some of our current Santa Fe Rotary Del Sur Projects
          1. Your Del Sur Foundation provided the Veteran roof project $500. (Pam & Ken)
          2. Shoes for Children. Tre has communicated with Payless and the non-profit organization who provide the children. Money for this project remains with the  Del Sur Foundation.  During the last seven years, this club has provided shoes and socks to over 1000 children.
          3. Pancake breakfast, July 4. Del Sur is participating with the Santa Fe Rotary club by helping July 4. Thank you Thomas. Kathryn represents Del Sur on the Pancake grants committee. That is where the projects from events are given.     Thank you Kathryn.
          4. Playground improvement for Esperanza. This project was funded by district matching grant, $2000 from District and $2000 from Del Sur. This project is ongoing because of fire damage at Esperanza Shelter. Leona and Virginia have communicated with the district about the progress and will complete the district          report when the project is completed. Thank you Virginia.
          5. Homeless shelter, Pete’s Place. Thanks the Del Sur members for bring   many items to help this shelter. The response was overwhelming.
          6. Toiletry bags.     With Danielle and Virginia’s leadership, items were collected and bags were made to prepare approximately 100 bags. Club members worked together to set up the bags. Some bags were given to Pete’s Place and some to the Santa Fe Indian Center (Kathryn)
          7. Support the Shelter Box project of the breakfast club.
          8. Friendship celebration    Home of Dewey and Beulah. July party. Thanks ,members and family members who attended. Time to get to know our members.    Thanks Dewey and Beulah.
          9. Paul Harris Award was given to Dick Brown, the remaining founder of Del Sur Rotary. 
          10. Del Sur Foundation was established to fund the projects of the club. Once the club members approve a project, the project leader can submit their project to the Foundation Board for funding approval.